Map. History of Three Seas conflict

19 October 2017
Bosnia's Serb region declares neutrality in bid to block NATO membership
PM Szydlo - Erdogan meeting was cancelled
The F22 Raptors in Poland
Polish President Duda says hopes Turkey will join EU
Russian Air Force Open Skies Tu154 Heading over Poland at 34,000ft
Poland has found blast recording on Polish presidential flight that crashed in Russia on 2010
Poland says it's repelled a 3rd Russian hacking attack
Support for ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) rises to an all-time high (47%) while opposition is at 16%
100 approx at Ukr embassy in Budapest protesting education language bill, one of organizers Tamás Gaudi-Nagy fielding questions from Ukr journos
Tusk: This afternoon I’m in Bratislava to meet with the V4 Prime Ministers and consult on the Leaders’ Agenda
If Sebastian Kurz becomes Austrian chancellor he will be easily the youngest leader in the EU
Security Agency of Poland has deported Russian citizen Dmitry K from the country, suspected in ties with Russian intelligence
The Czech Senate approved a resolution: Zeman statements about the Crimea legitimizing Russian aggression against Ukraine
Big fire in Prague
Fire at Holešovice
New F16s in the Romanian air force
Ukraine has sent a note of protest to Hungary cause planned action "self-Determination for Transcarpathia"
MFA Pavlo Klimkin: Hungary MFA informed UA ambassador about demonstration "Self-determination for Transcarpathia". Budapest supports separatism?
Hungary demands faster EU, NATO integration of West Balkans
Hungary FM: "Poland can always count on Hungary in debates in the European Union and outside the EU."
@pisorgpl has provided President amendments to law on courts reform
The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine outraged by the statement of the President of the Czech Republic on Crimea
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg meets troops at the HQ of the Multinational Tailored Forward Presence Brigade in Craiova with Romanian president
Ukrainian miners blocked the road to the border crossing with Poland Dorohusk-Yagodin. They demand payment of overdue wages. They do not allow trucks.
Romania has committed to spending 2% of GDP on defence. I count on you to keep up the momentum - @jensstoltenberg
I commend Romania for hosting and leading a multinational brigade. Host nation support is essential to NATO doing its job - @jensstoltenberg
Fidesz MP (and energy undersecretary) says Soros Plan is the final assault of Satan and "Christians MUST take up the fight against Satan!"
Romania is an influential and steadfast NATO Ally - @jensstoltenberg with @KlausIohannis
We have to avoid the perception that European defence can replace NATO - it's complementary: @jensstoltenberg
The US has one type of main battle tank, Europe has 17: NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg on fragmented Eur def industry